Ellwood City Wolves Club

The Ellwood City Wolves Club has just completed our 71st year as a local den and 68th year as a Member of the National Association of the Wolves. Our Den was first organized in 1948 by a handful of Italian Businessmen, who wanted to give something back to the community. Through the efforts of these hardworking businessmen the Ellwood City Den received its Charter on September 20, 1951. Our first President was Attorney Michael Barletta. The Ellwood City Wolves Club first project was the raffle of a new car, with the profits going to the Ellwood City Hospital for the purchase of an x-ray machine. To this day we follow and believe in the Motto of the Wolves Club “PRO BONO PUBLICO” (”For the Good of the Public”). Our vision is something we take very seriously; we created a means to provide funds to educate students who require financial assistance. The measure of our success will be realized through meeting the needs of our students. This will give us the ability to achieve our goal in investing in our greatest resource our youth, the leaders of tomorrow.

The National Association of the Wolves is made up of eleven Dens with approximately two hundred and seventy-five (275) members. The
dens are located in Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio. The Ellwood City Wolves Club is the second largest Den in the National Association.

Ellwood City Wolves Club Den II was the first den in the National Association to have a father and son members. Currently we have twenty-two – second generation members and three – third generation members. Our long history, our members pride in our organization and the solid foundation of our local Den is proof of our staying power in our community. Our membership’s commitment and dedication to our mission is critical to our continued success. We are proud of the current and past members of the Wolves Club who have worked hard to make Den II such a success.

The Ellwood City Wolves have over 60 local members and the organization meets twice a month. Our meetings are held on the second and fourth Wednesdays of every month. The Wolves Club main purpose is to provide scholarships and grants to deserving young men and women of our community. The Ellwood City Wolves Club first scholarship in the amount of $800.00 was awarded in 1953 to Perry Kirkland. Over the years the Ellwood City Wolves Club has awarded over $355,100.00 in scholarships and grants to 221 students in our community. We currently have 14 students in college. The Wolves’ commitment to our community is stronger than ever and our vision for the future is to continue to be a source for scholarships to needy students. By our Den’s Constitution and By-Laws, family members are not eligible for scholarships.

In addition to our mission to provide scholarships and grants to the students in our community we have also been generous in providing funds for special needs in our community.

A few examples are:

  • A $2,100.00 donation towards water fountains at Stiefel Park
  • A $2,000.00 donation for basketball courts
  • A $3,000.00 donation to the Little League Scoreboard
  • A $1,500.00 donation toward the Sister Mary Zucca Education Foundation Holy Redeemer School
  • A $15,000.00 endowment to Butler County Community College for the purpose of providing a scholarship toward a worthwhile student
  • $18,000.00 pledge to the Ellwood City Library
  • $25,000.00 towards the building and maintaining the Wolves Shelter in Ewing Park.

Along with these donations we have made yearly donations to the little league program, our community’s Halloween and Christmas parades, the McGuire Home, the Gobblers Gallup, the After Prom, and Lincoln High School’s EC Cube Club. In the past months we have been able to identify 98 donations to special projects totaling over $179,000.00.  We believe these 98 donations are just the tip of the iceberg and plan to continue to search our for additional community projects. (Unfortunately, since we do not publish our gifts no official records were kept listing our contributions to community sponsored projects.)

The Ellwood City Wolves Club realizes that it has been able to provide many above mentioned services thanks to the support the community has provided us by visiting our three fund raisers:

  • Wolves food booth at the Arts, Craft & Food Festival
  • Octoberfest a joint project between the Wolves, Rotary & Lions Club
  • The Golf Bash a shared fund raiser with the Holy Redeemer Church and the Ellwood City Wolves

For over 65 years the Ellwood City Wolves have been synonymous with providing scholarships to students in need.  We have resolved to grow and prosper in our commitment. With this resolve, we have renewed ourselves to serve the students of the Ellwood City and Riverside School Districts.

For additional information on the Ellwood City Wolves, please contact us.


Ellwood City Wolves Club – Den II
Tony J. Celli – Past President
Post Office Box 524
Ellwood City, PA. 16117

724-752-2193 or 724-971-0667