About Us

Our Name

The name Wolves is truly a symbol of service.  This fact symbolizes by the Old Roman Legend about the twins Romulus and Remus who were placed in a trough and cast into the River Tiber by their Grand Uncle Annulus.  The trough was grounded in the marshes where Rome afterwards stood.  The twins were suckled by the She-Wolf until a shepherd later found them and reared them into manhood.

The twins have been credited, according to the Legend, to have built the City of Rome and Romulus is regarded as the founder of the military and political Institutions of Rome.

This act of charity by the She-Wolf is most noteworthy and for this reason appealed to our founders as a most appropriate name for our organization.  The act of giving and offering help to those in need is characteristic of the main objects of our association.

Our Motto

Our motto "Pro Bono Publico" meaning "For the good of the public" also reflects the goals and membership requirements of the Wolves.

THE Wolves Creed

W - willingness to promote brotherhood
O - opportunities afforded to others
L - loyalty to country, community and home
V - veracity in relationships amongst men
E - efforts employed for community betterment
S - service founded on the Golden Rule

Dinner Meetings: Second and fourth Wednesdays of each month.
Meeting Time: 6:30 PM
Meeting Place: October through May
Connoquenessing Country Club
1512 Mercer Road
Ellwood City, Pa. 16117

June through September
Wolves Club Shelter
Ewing Park
Ellwood City, Pa. 16117